Carla Stickler is a Software Engineer, Broadway Performer, and Educator.

She is a proud STE(A)Minist, advocating for the inclusion of Artists in STEM.

Carla in Marie Claire Magazine!

Carla had the amazing opportunity to appear alongside Vice President Kamala Harris in the March print and virtual edition of Marie Claire. You can read a snippet of her interview with Emily Tisch Sussman that will appear on Season Two of the ‘She Pivots’ podcast by clicking the link below.

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Carla’s recent interview with NPR

When COVID-19 hit and Broadway shut down, everyone was suddenly in the same boat — forced to find other work. So Stickler took the leap and applied for tech jobs.

Check out Carla’s latest feature for Flatiron School!

Carla spent 10 years performing on Broadway before pivoting into tech for a more stable lifestyle. She shares her journey from the stage to the computer screen and the hurdles and wins along the way.

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