Carla Stickler is a Software Engineer, Broadway Performer, and Educator.

She is a proud STE(A)Minist, advocating for the inclusion of Artists in STEM.

Want to catch Carla live!

She’ll be singing and telling stories in Chicago at the Rhapsody Theatre in Rogers Park on September 25th @ 7pm.

Finish your week right with Sunday Fizz: a night of music, comedy, and musical comedy. Hosted by Robbie Ellis (WFMT, The Annoyance Theater), he and his talented friends perform from the Rhapsody Theater’s Steinway grand piano and give you a fun night out. Kick back, have a drink, and enjoy some sparkling entertainment.

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Carla loved her time at the Flatiron School so much, that for their 10th Anniversary, she got to brag about it to Course Report. Check out why she chose to attend Flatiron and how the program helped her change her career and thrive as a software engineer!

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