“These are a few of my favorite things!”

Coding websites to get you started

Flatiron School – I may be a little bias here, but I loved my time at Flatiron, and their free courses are a great way to get your feet wet and start your journey into code! Sign up to get started! – This is where I began my journey, they can get you up to speed on all things HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Skillcrush – When I first started getting into tech, I took Skillcrush’s design course. They gear their platform toward helping Women & Non-Binary, BIPOC, Late Career Changers, LGBTQ, and People with Disabilities to learn new skills to get them jobs in tech.

Udemy – When I was looking to uplevel my skills, I took some great advanced courses on Udemy, but they have courses for all skill levels. Keep an eye out for sales (I’ve never paid more than $15 for a course).

An Overview of Popular Programming Languages – The Lyndhurst Girls’ STEM Club wrote to me and shared this great blog post with some super handy links with some great information about some of the most popular programming languages. I started with Ruby and Javascript (and yes, Java and Javascript are different 😉). Thanks for the link girls!

Things to read

Cracking the Coding Interview – This book is a must have if you’ve completed a bootcamp and want to get up to speed on computer science questions that will come up in interviews

Practical Object Oriented Design Agile Primer – For those of you looking to understand best approaches to object oriented programming, this is one of my favs

Atomic Habits – What I’m reading right now! How small habits can lead to life altering changes.

Carla’s office must-haves

Murtisol Desk Treadmill – I recently got this treadmill and I gotta say, it’s pretty much transformed my home office. This powerful little treadmill is helping me crush my 10,000 steps every day!

Apple Wireless Keyboard – I would be lost without this, it’s small enough to travel with me when I decide to work from home anywhere.

Apple Magic Trackpad – This is my answer to the great debate between are you a trackpad or mouse user

Dell Monitor – So, this is the monitor I’ve been using while in California at my parent’s house. It’s a great size and doesn’t make me miss my expensive work-provided monitor.

USB-C Multiport Adapter – I bring this with me when I travel so I can hook up to any monitor I come into contact with since it has an HDMI port.

Laptop Camera Cover Slide – These are great for preventing the accidental camera-on scenario when you show up for a meeting in your pjs.

Logitech Webcam – I use this when I give live trainings and need something a little crisper than my Macbook camera

Vivo Standing Desk Converter – Before I invested in a standing desk, this was a life saver for this girl who wasn’t used to sitting all day long!

Franklin Covey Wirebound Planner – In a digital world, sometimes you need to keep track of stuff with good old pen and paper

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